Long Distance Love

Long distance love is certainly not impossible, even though it may not be desirable. For example, those who have to go off to serve in Afghanistan are away from spouses and significant others for months or years. There are also certain situations where long distance love is going to have to be at least a short-term hardship, such as if the economy has forced one spouse to relocate for work while the other stays in the previous location to keep his or her job until a new one can be found.

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For most people, long distance love is certainly not desirable at least as a long-term situation, but you can most certainly make it easier if it’s something you have to go through; in addition, with the advent of online dating, chat rooms, Facebook, and other methods of meeting people online, more and more people are meeting romantic partners online and choosing to keep the relationship long distance for at least the time being.

Whether or not you choose long distance love or it’s been thrust upon you, here are some things that can make it easier for you:

• Keep in touch face-to-face

Services like Skype make it easy for you to talk face-to-face with your significant other every single day. Even if you can’t do this every day (such as if you’ve got a loved one serving overseas), it’s still a great way to see each other, truly, even if you can’t be in the same physical location.

• Call, text, email

In addition to doing at least one face-to-face meeting every day whenever possible, long distance love can be sustained by communication through calling, texting, or emailing each other. Keeping regular communication paramount is going to help the relationship survive unwanted distance, or perhaps flourish into something more if it’s brand-new.

• Meet each other “in real life” whenever you can

Again, certain situations may mean you won’t have any physical contact at all for a period of time, such as again, if your loved one is in the service and has gone overseas. However, for those who are experiencing long distance love for less stringent reasons, make sure you meet up with each other physically in the same location regularly, at least once a month.

If this is a new relationship for you, you’re going to get to see each other and truly get to know each other so that you know whether you should take things further. If you’re an established couple already and are simply having to spend time apart, taking the time and effort to actually meet physically is going to keep the spark alive even though you have to be apart from each other on a temporary basis.

• Let truth and honesty prevail

It’s really, really easy with long distance love to “invent” yourself, so that you become someone you’re not simply to impress your significant other — and the same is true of your significant other pretending with you, too. However, especially if this is a new relationship for you and you are trying to get to know each other, you’re not going to do each other any good if you’re pretending.

Therefore, make truth and honesty a top priority in your relationship; if you’re already an established couple, keeping truth and honesty in your sights is going to help you transition back into being together much more easily when the time comes.

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