Why Santorini is magical?

Although in the summer the island sinks from tourists Santorini private tour proposes April and October as the best months to visit Santorini. In April, Nature in Santorini is wonderful and has nothing to do with the dryer we meet in the summer.

A few words about Santorini

Santorini, Thira or Strogyli (older name) is a Greek Cycladic island in the south of the Aegean Sea. It is known for its still active volcano, whose last volcanic activity was in 1950. Santorini’s volcano is one of the largest underwater active volcanoes in the world and is located 18 m below the sea. Before 3,600 years ago in the high eruption of the volcano, the entire center of the then circular island sank into the sea and created the new island of Santorini in the shape of a crescent.

The strong eruption of the volcano was so great that caused a tidal wave (tsunami) and literally meant the advanced culture of Minoan Crete. Sinking into darkness from smoke all the Mediterranean for too many days, while inspiring the myth of lost Atlantis. At the point that sank the island is the Caldera, which is the largest caldera of the Earth. Today, Santorini consists of the main part of the island and other 4 islets, Aspronisi, the old and new Kamenos and Thirasia, which is inhabited. Its view from the volcano side is rocky and steep (Caldera), unlike the other side that its territory is smooth.

Travelling during Covid-19? Why not?

Based on the descriptions of local professionals and friends who have visited this period the island sinks from the world.! But for us, our stay on the island was very human and we enjoyed our stay to the fullest. The island of Santorini can be cosmopolitan and be considered a highly romantic destination, but can offer many alternative and non-practical activities for all tastes. Ride with sailboats and hiking in the volcano,  bathroom in waters with sulfur, Hiking in the brow of Caldera, visiting archaeological sites, museums, horse riding, riding with donkeys or cable cars.

Santorini’s Sunset

Santorini’s sunset is the most famous world. But he has a uniqueness and something you can not see at any other point on the planet. It is really special to see the sun lose in the Aegean Sea and at the same time coloring the characteristic white houses of the island built on the Caldera that created the eruption of the volcano before thousands of years.


Oia is a picturesque settlement in Santorini. When you visit the island you have to see it, walk it and the only sure is that it will not disappoint you. Features are the houses in the area above the Ammoudi because in addition to the famous white houses there are too many colored. Its beauty is hidden everywhere. In the alleys, in its shops, galleries, homes, hotels and restaurants and cafes that look hooked in the caldera, chapels with the blue domes with their bell towers.

In Oia is one of the five Castles  on the island. Oia was one of the five Castles of Santorini, in the 13th -16th century AD. And he was called a Kastelli of Agios Nikolaos. The castle of Oia Kasteli Agios Nikolaos dates back to 1480 when the island was on Venetian domination. Unfortunately, the earthquake of 1956 caused many disasters, resulting in a large part of the settlement and the castle to retreat to the sea. Today only a piece of the tower is preserved.

The best place to see the sunset from Oia

The best place to see the sunset in Oia is the castle of Oia (Kastelli of Agios Nikolaos). Two hours before sunset People are gathered in the castle to find the best position. The world is so much that finally just before sunset There is no free spot in the castle, alley, wall, chapel or terrace near it. Summer sun in Greece is hot even that time and it will not be easy to wait one – two hours.

Some who will find a place in a coffee or restaurant that looks at the West maybe they are more fortunate. However, you want to create a more romantic atmosphere and is not your endoscopy to see the sunset from Oia or have several days at your disposal to See also somewhere else, there are other restaurants or coffee shops from where you can see the colored sunset sky and let the same sun turn off.

Still another suggestion is to book a sailboat ride which at its west Sun will take you under Oia. It will be the ultimate and most romantic sunset that you have lived because you will have 360 ​​degrees. On the one hand you see the sun to dive into the sea while on the other side you will see and you will be able to photograph Oia and the islands in front of the Caldera. Just magic!

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