What People Think About Private Lessons?

Many might think that private lessons- ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα –  are the greatest opponent of a language institution!

I do not recognize if you agree with the statement advanced in the subtitle of this text, yet you undoubtedly should agree that shadow education and learning is an issue increasingly elevated by college proprietors, by individuals happy to find out a foreign language and by consumers.

To start with, it would be worthwhile discussing what private tutoring really is. According to Wikipedia definition “personal tutoring makes up extra-school courses, which intend to freshen the understanding material and to aid the students in doing the school research.”

How does that connect to private foreign language lessons- ιδιαίτερα ξένες γλώσσες ? When it comes to foreign language understanding, private tutoring frequently takes the form not of extra education and learning yet comes to be the basic kind of learning received independently in an area chosen by the training course individual.

Why do course participants select private tutoring?

There is no single right response to such inquiry. A lot of us will absolutely think simultaneously about lower lessons rates, due to absence of costs that a language institution needs to birth and also a personal tutor does not. Access obstacle into the personal tutoring market is very reduced. Exclusive tutors are regularly pupils, they do not go after economic task, so consequently they do not incur added economic outlays. But because of individual character of personal lessons their expense is still much higher than is the case of team classes in language schools.

What variables determine option of such kind of learning?

1. Versatility in private lessons

A training course participant can optimally prepare a collection of meetings with the tutor. For similar reason individual courses in language colleges enjoy unfaltering appeal. Moreover lots of people assume that understanding is less reliable at groups.

2. Benefit

Private lessons usually occur wherever the consumer chooses. As a result the moment taken for a two-hour lesson is actually two hrs. Otherwise a three or 4 would certainly consider taking a trip to and back from the institution.

3. Native speaker private teacher

Increasingly, more individuals try to find personal lessons with tutors teaching in native language.

From my experience those are the basic variables why many people choose personal lessons. As opposed to picking the deal of language schools. Those aspects make program individuals more frequently grab remedies. Which take pleasure in an expanding popularity as well as may take another program participants away from language institutions. The claimed services are websites as tutors.gr supplying the choice of online discovering.

Essentially, an individual ready to provide lessons signs up at the portal offering information regarding their command of foreign languages. A training course individual look for persons satisfying their requirements, and then make lesson visit, or over Skype. I will not dwell right into details of the aforementioned sites since this is not the function of this entrance. Their popularity can be shown by the variety of Facebook. Over 647 thousand followers and added 74 thousand individuals sound outstanding. I asked 2 of my friends whom I know to be customers of those portals to gather info about their motivations:

Why should you prefer Tutors.gr?

Read below what people said about our private teachers platform.


I check out tutors.gr by mishap somewhere on the web as well as decided I needed to give it a try. Honestly speaking I was tired of standard lessons at which I always needed to arrive at the assigned time. Regardless of whether I desire and also have power to discover at the provided minute. On the one hand, such courses highly motivate. However, I believe that finding out need to be pleasant. It must originate from internal need, not from a must. What’s more, I handle to save a lot of time I used to lose on travelling to courses. I believe private tutoring is a superb service for people like me, who live extremely as well as spontaneously.


I want to connect with “natives” and discover communicative language. I decided to take up private lessons because of versatile class schedules. The possibility to find out easily from any kind of area. Other benefits of this service include individual classes in affordable rates, access to a big variety of “natives” from all over the world.

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